Our Technical Expertise

We’re the world-leading IPL pioneers, experts and innovators with over 30 years’ experience. 

Interview with Stuart Jones, Director of Development

Cyden proudly keep all product research and development in house, employing highly skilled, multi-talented and versatile engineers to innovate solutions and deliver world class products to a global market. Based at our Head offices in Swansea our professional team cover all aspects of product delivery from cutting edge research, through proving solutions, designing robust products, full rigorous testing and transfer and support to volume manufacturing.

Our Technical Expertise

Most advanced IPL technology

With over 30 years expertise in light-based technology our products are the safest, fastest, most powerful and intelligent IPL devices on the market.

Meaningful innovation
From research and development to product testing, we look at every step of the product journey. We never create a product unless it has a customer benefit.
Beautiful engineering

Our devices are designed to be totally safe, effective and easy to use.

British Beauty Tech

All products are designed and developed in the UK. We manufacture all products in our own factories in Swansea and are opening a third factory overseas in Q4 2021.

Largest IPL manufacturer globally

Cyden is the world’s largest IPL manufacturer. Over 2.5M products have been sold in over 50 territories worldwide.

Leading in-house training

We appoint high calibre professionals, who themselves undergo intense in-house training, before carrying out their duties and functions.

Our Team

Our Engineering team come from a range of professional backgrounds with extensive experience and knowledge to drive light-based technology forward. Here’s some of our design and development team. We’re always on the look out for talented people to join our team, head over to our Careers page to learn more.

Stuart Jones

Director of Development

Michael Stephens

Senior Product Design Engineer

Daniel Farr

Electronic & Software Engineering Manager