Reporting to the Head of Manufacturing Engineering, you will be responsible for developing, maintaining and improving production software and an associated SQL server backend to support manufacturing sites, and to assist the manufacturing team with other business software developments / requirements.

The successful candidate will be responsible for:-

• Developing production process software for Assembly, Inspection, Packing and Warehousing stations which involves:
o User interaction.
o Display of instructions, media anddata.
o Interfacing with simple equipment (scanners, printers etc).
o SQL server database and web API transactions.
• Maintain and continue to develop associated SQL server database backend.
• Develop real-time performance dashboards with automatic & configurable quality alerts.
• Develop user-friendly retrospective reporting systems to measure overall output, quality and performance of production processes and manufacturing sites.
• Build software interfaces and associated production programs to support the use of simpfe
technical equipment including barcode scanners, industrial printers, PCB programmers, etc.
• Engage in professional software engineering practices for all business software including extensibility & abstraction via modem design patterns, software version control, and scalable software deployment strategies.
• Manage and technical support of developed business software across multiple (global) manufacturing facilities.
• Working closely with key members of a busy Manufacturing team to achieve the business objectives and to communicate effectively with team members who do not have software engineering backgrounds.